Match Report
Salisbury Cathedral School Girls-U10B vs  Dumpton School
On: Wednesday, 11 Mar 2020
Venue: at Home

We played High 5s in a much tougher match for our girls this week against an able Dumpton B team.

Geraldine worked very hard in defence, making some great interceptions - just need to work on staying on her feet now! It was great to see Winter-Rose keen to shoot again. Overall the girls' footwork control and passing has improved, however the methods we have been practising in lessons for getting free are yet to be applied consistently in matches, resulting in us losing possession too often because we are asking for the ball too far away from the passer, or overhead when a forward movement would have been the better choice. This said, the girls' enthusiasm, led by Faith, cannot be faulted and with this positive attitude I look forward to seeing continued progress.

Mrs Staines