Match Report
Salisbury Cathedral School Mixed-U10C vs  Stroud School, Romsey
On: Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021
Venue: Away

Good morale today and pretty good concentration until the last 10 minutes. Some lost opportunities from a bit of bickering and lack of focus on the game towards the end. A vast improvement in Tomisin - a vast improvement in engagement and much harder work in the field. Great to see.

Saffy deserves a mention for getting 2 wickets. Great bowling from her today! She also worked really hard in the field, diving for one ball to prevent a 4. She hit a 6 and a couple of 4s. Logan also batted well, hitting a couple of 4s.

Take-aways: expect the ball to come to you in the field, even when it doesn't at first. More bowling practise needed!

Miss Smith