Match Report
Salisbury Cathedral School Boys-U11A vs  Sandroyd
On: Wednesday, 15 Sep 2021
Venue: Away

A smashing start to the rugby season. We're a relatively inexperienced and small team, but today we played like trojans and showed some real quality to match and sometimes, outplay an excellent Sandroyd side, some of whom were also huge!

A few highlights to briefly mention:

Robert's sublime running skills - the crowd and opposition were in awe of his deft foot work throughout the game. Sandroyd often needed three, four or more players to (try) to get a hold of him!

Jasper's fantastic captain's performance. He ran, tackled and supported his team magnificently.

Fraser's outstanding power and bravery. Fully deserved his try when it finally came in the second half.

Rupert's first ever game - unbelievable. So gutsy, now loves tackling and super classy whenever running with the ball.

William's intelligence in creating space and timing his passes.

Peter's terrific speed, mazy runs and wonderful team spirit.

Ben's strength in the mauls, Luke's awareness of getting into space, Noah's tenacity when running with the ball and desire for the try line!

And finally, Fergus's remarkable tackles, two of which will live long in everyone's memory. How he took down one boy, who was going full speed and must have been twice his size, was spectacular! It had me running onto the pitch to share a high five with Fergus.

What a special afternoon and well done boys for your impeccable behaviour on the bus and your manners towards the referee, the Sandroyd boys and during match tea. Immensely proud.

PS. For what it's worth, I think the score was a deserved 7-4 to Sandroyd.